AnalyticsHave you ever found yourself saying, “Well, I have analytics, great. What do I do now?” If you have, you’re not alone.

Too often, people or consultants come in, set up a Business Intelligence solution, make sure everything works correctly and then leave you with documentation on how to technically use it or with no documentation or training at all.  You are left sitting there with a great solution, all of the data you need right in front of you, but you are unsure what it is telling you.  So now, we need to hire analysts to understand and interpret what the data is telling you.

Hiring analysts can be expensive, but may be necessary.  Whether you hire analysts or not, companies need to make sure the people they hire to implement their BI solution teach them not only how to use and maintain it, but also how to understand what their data is telling them.

As with most things, proper training is key.  With proper training and easy to understand dashboards and reports, companies, and their users should be able to decipher what trends in their data are telling them.
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